Premier Display Popup Stands


Our range of pop-ups are similar to other types, but with one main unique feature; they can be linked together to form Portable Architecture. This is where frames are linked together to achieve a variety of stand shapes and configurations, to create a more impressive stand design. We can also incorporate different features including showcases, for displaying products or literature holders, archways, feature walls up to 4m's high, light boxes and much much more...

Each QUAD pop-up can be set up in a matter of minutes. The frame goes up in one single step and then magnetic bars are inserted into the framework on to which seamless graphics or fabric panels are attached. All QUAD pop-up frames are available in curved (convex/concave) or straight and as either straight or mini height sizes.

There are two frame styles available; the QUAD Black frame is slimline and the QUAD White frame is deeper and designed to be more load bearing. This enables monitors, shelving and lightboxes to be incorporated into your display with the use of showcases. All graphic panels and the frame fit into our range of tailor made carrying cases for convenient transportation. Showcases can be incorporated into the QUAD White frame to accommodate product, literature shelves, monitors or lightboxes.

All QUAD pop-up frames come with a ‘no questions asked, lifetime product guarantee’

With over 15 years experience manufacting and distributing pop-up stands and banners, we are uniquely placed to be able to help you with any aspect of the range, From creating Portable Architecture stands or just supplying you with a replacement light or new bar.