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New Quad Product Brochure

on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in Latest News

Now available to download

Our new FREE product brochure is available to download, just click on the image above, if you would like a printed version please contact us on 01943 597887

iPad Display Stands

on Friday, 13 April 2012. Posted in Latest News, Product Focus

iPad Stands - iPad Kiosks - Freestanding iPad Display Stand - iPad Floor Stand

We are now offering an exciting new range of iPad display stands that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, that create a new and unique way of framing an iPad in a custom shaped fascia.

These shapes include the iPad Cloud and Speech Bubble display options.

We also offer a custom design and manufacture service, so you can order bezels in any shape to compliment your logo or product in almost any organic shape. In addition, we can brand the bezel shape with any full colour print or design to create a truly exclusive display that enhances your brand and message in a clear visual-manner.


The Cloud

The Cloud iPad Display was inspired by the latest trend in cloud based web services that are revolutionising the way businesses and individuals use the Internet to access information and work from anywhere.

Speech Bubble

The Speech Bubble iPad Display is a fun take on the global explosion of social networking through sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This display could be used as a mobile message board, feedback station or social networking terminal.

To learn more about how you might take advantage of these designs, to enquiry about other product in our ranges or for a custom variation to suit your needs, talk to one of our advisor's on 01943 597887

New Cassette Roller Banner

on Thursday, 06 October 2011. Posted in Latest News, Product Focus

Media Screen 3 is Launched

This top of the line retractable banner comes in both a matt and polished aluminium design with a selection of modern accent colours. Graphic change is fast with only a few clicks, which allows for easy update of campaigns and messages.

Reuse this retractable banner for a long time and simply change your graphic - both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Delivered in a highly pretective hard case, for maximum protection during transport and storage.


The Planet Range

on Monday, 17 January 2011. Posted in Latest News, Product Focus

Environmentally friendly displays

In terms of ecology, our mindset continues to shift, and consumers increasingly choose greener options when offered them. We now offer a range of display products that acknowledge and respect these trends.

The Planet range is a high quality portfolio of free standing tension banners, roll-ups and literature display stands built to high standard, using only renewable high quality bamboo.

The result is an array of products that are elegant, functional, portable and moisture resistant.

Having long been proven as an excellent manufacturing material in tropical climes, the enormous benefits of bamboo are now being realised globally. Importantly, bamboo crops are entirely sustainable. And when our products reach the end of their useful life, they are recyclable and ultimately biodegradable.

In order to comply with environmental legislation, all items within our Planet product range have been protected with an eco-friendly lacquer coating to further enhance each product's natural look and feel.

We can now also offer graphics that are biodegradable, called BioMedia.

BioMedia is an polymer and polyefin composite based product with an enzyme additive that accelerates the breakdown of the polymer chain via enzymatic/bacterial digestion, when left in a microbe rich environment.

It is the microbe-friendly additive that grants BioMeida biodegradability. The problem with other "green" plastics like PLA is that they a) do not biodegrade quickly - analysts estimate that a PLA bottle will take between 100 and 1000 years to biodegrade. With BioMedia we know that in the right conditions the product will biodegrade within 5 years.

For more information please use the contact us page or call us on 01943 597887


Custom Built v Portable Architecture

on Wednesday, 15 December 2010. Posted in Latest News

The intense competition of a trade show requires an attention grabbing stands. However, when trying to get the most for your money, take into account the time involved in setting up your stand, the frequency of your shows and whether or not you'll be reusing the same stand.

A unique, custom built stand can look very impressive. However, keep in mind that costs will involve not just the stand itself, but also its transportation, storage and time it will take to install and take down. What's more some components of your custom built stand will need to be replaced at each trade show.

If your stand is travelling to many shows, a cost effective alternative is a portable stand. In addition to its time and cost savings benefits, portable stands can be used repeatedly. Both alternatives have their place. However, rather than regard portable stands as merely a less expensive alternative, consider the many benefits that go beyond price.

The Look

The most common portable stand, often referred to as a "pop-up", is a simple, two by two metre curved backdrop. A major misconception is that all portable stands have this same look. However, our brand of portable architecture can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes, including curve rooms, towers, s-shapes and arches.

Time Saving

With a flick of the wrist the QUAD Portable Architecture frame can be expanded and cotracted in a matter of seconds. Using mag-bars, the roll-out graphics fit neatly together for a seamless look and when its time for your stand to be packed away, all parts fit into a wheeled carry case.


A major cost saving advantage of our Portable Architecture system is that once you've invested in the frame, graphics can be interchanged to create a totally new look for different shows. Individual panels can be updated when new products are launched or prices are changed.

Our Portable Architecture system also comes with a free configuration service, enabling you to change the shape of your stand as many times as you like. At one show you can have a tall tower and at another an archway. You can even create a smaller version of your stand for a smaller show or at your office foyer. Compared to the cost of having to build a new stand for every show, this versatility is equivalent to saving thousands of pounds.

Optional extras

Our Portable Architecture system comes with a multitude of optional extras, such as spotlights and shleving, showcase and banner bridges, TFT screen holders, to name a few. Such items will help enhance your stand to create a more permanent look.

Custom built stands have their place. In order to achieve certain looks, custom building your stand may be a more appropriate option. This is why at Quad we can offer advise on all types of exhibition stands and styles.