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Your guide to choosing the right display stand for your business

Investing in a display stand is a great idea to advertise your business face-to-face with customers at exhibitions, events and business fairs. There are so many different options available for display stands that we’ve put together a quick guide for you below to help you decide on the right stand for your business.

With so many different display options and companies out there, you need to make sure that the stand you choose offers you the best value for money and meets your requirements as fully as possible. Here are some points to think about when considering which display stands to purchase:

1. How much budget and space do you have for your exhibition display stand?

The size of your business and your marketing budget will affect the size and type of display stand and the variety of accessories you choose. The good news is that the range of display stands available means that there is something for everyone’s budget. If you want to keep things small and simple or if you have a restricted space to display in then you could choose a compact table top stand or a simple roller banner. For larger exhibition spaces, you could choose a panel system to create an attractive background display or even a truss gantry to really make your mark at the exhibition.

2. Will you use the exhibition display stand for more than one event?

Many companies choose to invest in a stand which they’ll use more than once. This makes great economic sense as you will be able to save cash on purchasing a new stand for each exhibition. If you exhibit at several events across the country then you won’t want the hassle of lugging a huge and awkward structure around with you. Instead you could invest in a pop up portable exhibition stand which can be easily constructed and dismantled and won’t take up too much room during transportation. Large pop up exhibition stands for example can have the same impact as a purpose-built stand but as they are so simple to put up, they will allow you to get straight to work in attracting new customers.

3. Will the stand fit within your allocated space at exhibitions?

There are many exhibition and event venues that have restricted height access. Always check the height restriction for any venues you are thinking of exhibiting at. We have come across many venues where the height is under 2.2m so would your shiny new pop-up stand fit. If you are thinking of exhibiting in a shell scheme always check the Exhibitor Manual to find out the precise dimensions of your space. For example a 3m x 2m space may be calculated before they have erected the shell scheme walls.

4. Is the stand easy to set up?

Most of our range of pop-ups, banners and counters are all very simple to set up but if you are not familiar with setting it up you might struggle. Always have a practice before going to your event. If you decide you would rather not have to worry about transporting and setting your stand then we offer a full installation service, and can store your stand free of charge between events.

5. Will you be displaying products as part of your exhibition?

Extras such as plinths, podiums and literature dispensers can help complete the overall look of your exhibition area. They are also very useful for displaying your products in an attractive and clever way. If you include laptops, TVs or interactive media as part of your display then a branded plinth is a simple and smart way to exhibit these features.

6. Will your exhibition display need to be suitable for indoors or outdoors?

Although many exhibitions and fairs take place indoors, some events allow people to have advertising banners outside. This is a great opportunity for your advertising to be seen first by the exhibition attendees. Outdoor advertising solutions can include Wind Dancers and Monsoon Outdoor Banners, which can withstand the elements and provide a highly visible way to advertise your company. Even if you don’t have a full exhibition stand outside, it’s worth asking the event organisers if you can erect a banner stand outside so your company name is seen by attendees who will be encouraged to look for your company inside the exhibition.

If you’re attending an event in poor weather or if the event doesn’t permit outdoor advertising then an indoor banner stand or display stand is the best choice. You can make an impact indoors with striking graphics, large banners and eye catching pop up stands.

7. Does the stand come with a warranty?

This will give you additional peace of mind that, should anything go wrong, it can be taken care of quickly and at no extra cost to you. Most of The Display Shop’s hardware products come with at least a one year warranty and some even have a Life-time warranty, whilst print is guaranteed for one year, so you can be sure that any display stands you purchase from us will last.

With over 20 years’ experience supplying and building display and exhibition stands why not “pick our brains”. Feel free to get in touch with our expert team to discuss your individual needs. Give us a ring on 01943 597887 or drop us an email to and we will happily talk you through the best options that suit you.