One of our favourite events was back in 2017, at Spencer House where we worked with the famous dress making company Catherine Walker. The brief was to display a selection of Princess Diana’s dresses, along with a range of sketches and relevant materials for a charity event over three days.

We designed and built a range of plinths with built in lighting, to stand the dress mannequins on. With illuminated triangular information towers, built from MDF, laminated and screen printed. There were also:

7 x 2m Long Red Ropes with Silver Plate Fixings
4 x Display Cases with Glass Tops, LED internal Lights
1 x Sewing Machine Plinth
4 x Obelisk Columns with LED Spotlights
15 x Freestanding Directional Signs
4m x 40mm high Modular Floor
1 x Lighting Unit 3800mm wide built-in LED Floodlights
1 x 4m x 1.2m Roll of Red Carpet for Staging

This was all built at our workshop in Spalding and transported to London and installed by our team of installers. The dresses were then prepared by the team from Catherine Walker.

The evening fund raising events were run by several well known charities and attended by patrons and members of the media. All blissfully unaware that we had needed to carry many of the plinths up several flights of stairs, as the lift wasn’t working!

For more pictures please have a look in the Gallery.