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At Quad Display we pride ourselves on providing our clients with one of the most extensive ranges of digital and photographic printing capabilities. With some of the industry’s most exciting and cutting edge technology at our finger tips, we have the ability to produce graphic solutions that exceed expectations. As well as printing graphics for roller banners and pop-up stands, we specialise in the production of large format images onto almost any material and to unlimited sizes.

Where necessary, we can provide both creative and technical input from project creation, pre-production through to production and installation. We are one of only a handful of companies that use Lambda C and Chromira printers for our pop-up stands and exhibition graphics. This photographic printing is usually only used for very exclusive retail brands and museums; but we like to give our clients the very best quality available.

We are actively committed to recycling, working with companies to turn as much of our waste materials as possible into new products such as wheelie bins.

Colour profiling is a priority with many of our clients who have strict corporate guide lines to follow. This is why we are regularly checking to ensure we get the maximum colour gamut from all of our machines.

Advertising Hoardings

In recent years printing technology has advanced to the point that it is now possible to print the highest quality full colour graphics directly onto rigid materials. This means we are able to help retailers promote their projects while being refurbished, built or for premises that require a re-let. Recent market conditions have led us to develop a simple re-usable indoor hoarding system that can be used when stores in shopping malls are being refurbished or let to new occupants.

The advancement in ink technology has meant that graphics will not fade even in the strongest direct sunlight. These factors have allowed us to invest in the new technology and apply our colour management skills to produce graphics for indoor or outdoor use that have the quality of any of the best indoor display graphics. The emergence of these capabilities has created a new market where hoardings are used to display lifestyle and aspirational images to help retailers and the developments that they surround.

Photographic Printing

Chromira and Lambda printers are true photographic printers that offer unrivalled quality and vibrant colours in addition to fast processing time and a wide range of finishing options. Our technicians have a wealth of experience working with photographic prints for many different industry sectors, ensuring that your high quality prints are presented in the best possible way. Chromira and Lambda prints are quite simply photographic technology taken to a state of perfection. It gives true continuous tone, ultra-sharp photographic images with crisp and precise edge to edge printing and absolutely no distortion.

Prints can be produced from digital files, transparencies, colour or black and white negatives and printed on to photographic paper or backlit transparency film (Duratrans), in colour or black and white. Most of our photographic print work is normally produced on Fuji paper. Because it is real photo paper, prints have the tactile look and feel of a traditional photograph but with all the benefits of digital control. We also offer a Metallic paper, which gives prints a unique, metallic look.

This technology is ideally suited to large format imaging and high-impact colour graphic prints for exhibitions, displays or any circumstance where the finest quality photographic images are required.

Quad Display - Create Impact with High-Quality Displays and Exhibition Stands

Perspex Face Mounting

Perspex face mounting also known as reverse face mounting and acrylic face mounting is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of Perspex and an aluminium or Dibond backing sheet. In this way the image is not only protected against dirt, scratching and premature aging but it can also achieve a floating, three dimensional quality unobtainable by any other process.

Perspex face mounting provides a brilliance, intensity and saturation of image that has to be seen to be believed – which is why it has become quite popular with art galleries and museums. The production technique of face mounting behind Perspex involves using a permanently elastic 100% clear silicone glue to create an airtight bond with no air bubbles, fixing the photographic print’s front side to the back of the Perspex sheet, thus eliminating any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame. It is then sandwiched between a backing sheet of either aluminium or Dibond using the same adhesive. A sub frame is then attached to the back, which serves as a spacer between picture and wall and gives the impression that the photograph is hanging in the air.

Perspex Face Mounting is a truly stunning, unique product and is one of the most impressive ways of presenting a modern and striking photographic image.

Perspex Face Mounting from Quad Display

Stand Off Acrylic Face Mounting

An alternative to Perspex face mounting for the more budget conscious is our standoff acrylic face mounting. The main difference is the use of cylindrical metal stand offs in the corners of the acrylic sheet. These attach directly to a wall holding the acrylic face mounted print away from the surface upon which they are mounted. In this way the image is not only protected against dirt, scratching and premature aging but it can also achieve a floating, three dimensional quality similar to Perspex face mounting.

The production technique of face mounting behind acrylic sheet involves using a permanently elastic 100% clear silicone glue to create an airtight bond with no air bubbles, fixing the photographic print’s front side to the back of the acrylic sheet, thus eliminating any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame.

Our standoff acrylic face mounting is a great way of presenting a modern and striking photographic image perfect for more permanent displays.

Quad Display - Create Impact with High-Quality Displays and Exhibition Stands

Canvas Printing

Printing photographic images on to canvas is a great way to display your images and extremely popular in the portrait market. It quite often has the added effect of engaging the observer and making them question whether it is really a photograph or a painting they are viewing.

Just send us your transparency, negative or upload your digital file and using the latest digital printing technology we’ll print your image onto top quality canvas. We can then professionally stretch the print over a 30mm or 40mm thick wooden frame, ready to hang or we can further frame it as you desire. We can even wrap the image around the sides of the frame to give you an appealing, three dimensional, block mounting effect.

Dibond Mounting

Dibond is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid aluminium composite material, made from a grey polyethylene core bonded between two outer skins of thin aluminium.

This construction produces a very rigid yet optically flat panel, making it a perfect photographic mounting material. Mounting on Dibond gives you all the advantages of aluminium but with a significant weight saving, making it ideal for mounting larger photographic prints without any bowing.

Quad Display - Create Impact with High-Quality Displays and Exhibition Stands

MDF Mounting

Block mounting your prints on MDF creates a solid, durable platform that is ideal for long term display. You can choose from 12mm or 18mm MDF with the option of having the edges painted black or white. By dry mounting your prints on MDF your images will obtain a substantial feel and presence – perfect for any permanent display.

MDF Printing from Quad Display

Foamex Mounting

Foamex is another lightweight mounting board made mainly with foam PVC and characterised by its strength and semi-rigidity. It has a better strength to weight ratio than Foamboard – so it will not be as easily damaged. Foamex mounting is ideal for most short term applications like photographic displays and exhibitions where it’s ultra-light weight and rigidity is important. Mounting on Foamex will give you good flatness and excellent dimensional stability and is recommended for all display graphics that may be reused a small number of times.

Foamex Printing from Quad Display

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

Printing lettering and graphics on vinyl is a fantastic solution for signage of all types – window displays, exhibition graphics, taxi, van and truck liveries, banners and presentation graphics, for both indoor and outdoor use. Using specially designed Eco-solvent inks we can print your graphics onto vinyl at any size, colour or quantity you desire. This service is ideal for advertising banners in retail and display environments.

We can also print your graphics onto self-adhesive vinyl and cut it to a precise shape using our computer controlled cutter. This means that no matter how intricate your logo, type or graphics are they can be precisely cut out of a thin, self-adhesive vinyl film. The resulting self-adhesive graphics are held in place on a low-tack backing sheet and are easy to apply to a variety of different surfaces. And naturally we are more than happy to install them for you.

Vinyl lettering, logos and graphics can be cut from self-coloured materials or materials that we have printed for you. If you use a vector based drawing programme such as Adobe Illustrator, send us your artwork and let us print and cut it out, ready for application or we can even apply it for you.

We can also print on to specially designed vehicle livery vinyl that can be heat shrunk to fit a vehicle body no matter what the shape and contours. And of course if you don’t want the hassle of preparing your own graphics, just call to brief us and we can design your material for you.

Building Wraps & Giant Media

Building wraps are one of the most effective methods of outdoor advertising. We provide a total service for the production of giant outdoor graphics and building wraps from initial concept through to installation.

Advice and guidance is available every step of the way relating to local government regulations, health and safety, production, installation, maintenance and removal.

Tension Fabric Graphics

Quad Display is also a leading supplier of dye sublimated textiles. Dye sublimation is without a doubt the most superior way to create high quality images and pictures on to a wide range of fabrics and other objects. Because the ink in a dye sublimation process is heated, the image becomes part of the fibres of the fabric, rather than just sitting on the surface, so the images are sharp, and the colours extremely vibrant, even when washed, on both sides. Fabric printing also has environmental benefits, such as reduced transport costs due to the nature of fabric, and because of the dye sublimation process can be folded for transportation compactly, without cracking. If you’re looking for absolutely stunning, high quality fabric prints, dye sublimation is the solution.

Typical uses for this kind of printing are exhibition graphics, retail graphics and bespoke products when combined with a framing solution. Easy to install, remove and transport, the fabric is held tightly in place without the need for nails, adhesive, tacks or tapes. Graphics can be quickly interchanged when needed. For graphics being transported from venue to venue every time they are installed in a tension fabric system, any creases are simply stretched away. A tension fabric system gives you a perfect, polished finish time and time again.

Freestanding, single, double-sided or even hanging from the ceiling, frames are simple to assemble. Using just one tool they can range in size from 500mm square to 6m x 3m. The scope, versatility and value of a tension fabric system make it a highly attractive branding and communication solution for any event or environment. Exhibitions, showrooms, retail, window displays, receptions and road shows – there is always room for a stunning graphic displayed to perfection in a tension fabric system.

Signage Solutions

While internal signs can be classic, contemporary or fun they should always be clear. Professionally produced internal signage will capture the identity and qualities of any organisation. From simple printed signs to spectacular, show stopping signs we have the materials, the processes and the experience for whatever you need, wherever it needs to be seen. Using lightboxes, hand routed lettering, 3D and advanced techniques we have produced an outstanding variety of internal signs – all unique and all produced to the highest professional standards.

From monoliths and suspended signage to floor graphics and route finders, we work with a wide range of materials, finishes, styles and graphics to produce solutions designed for clarity and durability.

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