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Formulate back walls are aluminium structures with textile fabric graphic socks that fit snugly around each frame. Graphics can be removed and replaced easily, perfect for when your message needs changing often. They are available in a range of different shapes, including meeting areas, arches and back walls. Prints for the Formulate range of displays are output on slightly elastic fabric. The stretch in the print helps keep the skin of the stand tensioned once fitted. The benefit of Formulate stands when compared to traditional pop-ups is that the graphic contains no panel joins, in addition the overall weight of the display is less than a traditional pop up.

  • Accessories


  • Formulate 4m wide Arch

    Starting at: £1,095.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Horizontal Curve

    Starting at:  £409.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Meeting Pod

    Starting at: £1,039.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Serpentine

    Starting at:  £455.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Straight

    Starting at:  £450.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Tablet & Lit Holder

    Starting at: £330.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Tablet Holder

    Starting at: £295.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Formulate Vertical Curve

    Starting at:  £490.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Monolith Fabric Display

    Starting at:  £269.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Snake Fabric Stand

    Starting at: £315.00 (excluding VAT)