5m Wind Dancer Flag

The Wind Dancer flag is our tallest free-standing flag. The telescopic pole allows the pole height to be set between 4170mm and 5300mm. Simpe to assemble and supplied with a base that can be filled with 66 litres of water or sand.

All of our outdoor flags and banners are measured in a recognised scale for wind speed, called the Beaufort scale. The Beaufort scale ranges from 0 being Calm and 12 being Hurricane. The Wind Dancer is suitable to use outdoors in conditions up to Beaufort scale 4 (13-18pmh), which is classed as a Moderate Breeze.

The graphics for all of our outdoor flags are printed using a process called dye-sublimation, which gives the very best results. The graphics for the Wind Dancer are supplied with eyelets, so that attaching the flag to the pole is quick and easy. They are supplied as standard on our Flag Knit material which just has the image on one side. If you would like a double-sided print please get in touch for a quote.

Visible Graphic Area: 3500mm (h) x 1000mm (w)

  • Telescopic aluminium pole
  • Stabilising legs
  • Hollow plastic base that can be filled with water or sand
  • Mirror image fabric graphic

Includes: Dye sublimation printed, single-sided, graphic with eyelets

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Wind Dancer 5m (Help Sheet)


Wind Dancer 5m (Graphics Template)